E-learning applied to Virtual Museums

An application of e-learning which is becoming more and more popular is the concept of a virtual museum. Museums are places in which we can all learn and also appreciate artifacts of nature or of mankind. However, sometimes museums are considered to be old-fashioned or boring, especially to children and teenagers.

A virtual museum can be visited online, and some also allow a 3D walkthrough. What’s nice about them is that one would be combining the educative nature of museums, with the interactive/fun nature of technology. I believe this might be a way to encourage children and teenagers to learn from museums and exhibitions…


One thought on “E-learning applied to Virtual Museums

  1. >This is a similar concept to what second life promotes. Though I guess it's best to get out and visit the real thing and get a break from working on our monitor tan. However I do agree that such virtual museums can be used for the concept of just giving a walk through of what to expect with the goal of inciting the viewer to visit the actual museum or viewing gallery. This is great for furniture shops where you can see for example how a kitchen would look like, but in the case of art and culture, the experience of visiting and experiencing the items with your own eyes is totally different. I would compare this to listening to a CD with gong to the actual live performance of the artist.

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