Sifting our way through…

So today I really felt inspired to rant about the state of the Education, not just in Malta but from what I can see – well all over the place. Instead I will leave that rant to another time and will this time draw some enthusiasm from this program which was recently aired again on Discovery Science. The program’s title: The future of play, shows the way ‘Siftables’ can be integrated into play. This is kind of different from the concept of games which we usually refer to. Play in fact, as mentioned by Henry Jenkins, is not disguised learning. Play IS learning.

Link to video here

So I have recently spoken to David Merrill from Sifteo. And I really truly hope that we might somehow create some local projects here in Malta with these siftables. The mere concepts of bringing together these fantastically simple yet, effective tangibles for a collaborative environment, is just so exciting. This is not about developing siftables for learning. This is ALL pure learning. Learning big skills, soft skills, skills which really any learner can, with or without help, can make use of in real life.

Can you imagine the power of these resources with any students of any level of ability? I mean this could really revolutionise the way we view learners, no longer by academic ability but with strategic capabilities usually exhibited by gamers, who as we know do not depend on isolated curricular subjects.

So the issue now is – ok – how do we get creative enough to develop and test out the question I have just asked? Where do we start? – more to come on this in the near future…


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