Life IS Learning

As I was driving myself to work this morning I was thinking – maybe rather philosophically (you know, asking questions – the search for the truth, but then what is the truth anyway?) – so rather than thinking, I was reflecting about this statement – Life IS Learning.

The one thing which I have an adversity to – or rather a deep ingrained fear of – is Stupidity. And I don’t mean stupidity as in academic abilities, or inabilities. But this is about the stupidity of the mind. I mean does this term exist? Stupidity of the mind? In Malta, alas, and I really hope I am generalising – but then again maybe I am not, we are surrounded by crass stupidity. The stupidity of intolerance, the stupidity of wanting to know what the neighbour or your cousin, or your mother’s cousin is doing, just for the sake of judging, the stupidity of criticising WITHOUT giving constructive feedback, the stupidity of NOT accepting that feedback, and ultimately the stupidity of closing your mind. We wear blinkers. Our way is the right way. If you don’t do it our way, then you are wrong (…my friend).

This is the kind of hypocrisy that society is facing, well at least this is the impression I get from the society I live in. And at the cost of sounding judgmental myself I would say, the root of the problem lies fundamentally in the way we learn.

We learn to become citizens in society. But it seems that all we are learning is that learning takes place only in schools, AND learning is all about getting the right grades in exams. Really – I mean – think about it – what did you learn when you were at school? If you had to sum it up rather briefly, to sum up the package of what you have learned in school, what would it be? And if you look at the local Maltese news, and pick up any news item, portraying the views of persons as they make the news on the island what sort of baggage would you say they carried with them from when they were young?

The lesson (my friend), is that life is all about learning, life is about failing, and getting up again, life is a game in reality (think about it – the gamers they take up any challenge with a wonderful gracefulness which matches great philosophers’ thoughts), life is play, to live is to learn… and when we stop learning, stupidity reigns…so my constructive piece of advice is let’s start re-learning lessons in life again because that might be the only hope of society.


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