Thru Jerusalem – what makes this video come through?

This post is intended for the class on ‘New Media’. Kutiman, has just released this music video which shows Jerusalem, through music and sounds.

Look at the videographic detail, post your thoughts and comments about it in terms of how it is filmed, your observations and how it captures and stimulates the audience’s emotions…


11 thoughts on “Thru Jerusalem – what makes this video come through?

  1. -play of light and shade
    -grainy effect used to create contrast between still and moving frames
    -haphazard motion to instill a sense of chaotic motion, bringing out the character of the city
    -short shots of different scenes connected together
    -frames change according to music being played, connecting the sound of the surroundings to what the user is seeing
    -makes use of various camera angles and effects, including close shots, wide camera angles, angles level to the character, high angle shots
    -pan shots used on scenery
    -during scenery shots, rule of thirds observed
    -combines natural scenery shots with urban shots
    -camera alters depth of field to highlight subject

    Kevin, Ryan, Sean

  2. Group G2
    Very good use of shooting methods (including wide angle, close up, cut away) transitions and effects. The many effects and shooting methods used to film this video made it interesting, was not repetitive and generally a good idea and way of portraying the music.

  3. – A carefully planned vdeo.
    – With different angles
    – including long shots,
    – several fast movements
    – reduced video quality, due to compression due to upload
    – Includes various techniques such as high camera angle, & close up shots
    – looping of videos
    – low frame rates
    – contains blurred shots

    Group C.

  4. The main aspects of the video were the split screen views which show two videos running side by side at the same time and the rapid transition between one scene and another. The video scenes where also placed according to the style and tempo of the music being played.

    In the video, multiple wide-shots and close-ups were used to capture the moment. The video also shows a high level of organization and planning by using the rule of thirds and camera movement techniques such as Pan, Zoom and Tilt.

  5. Group D -2
    Andrew – Maria – Daryl
    Uses a variety of different hues and shades
    Shot from different angles -(above and below)
    Different zooming in and out
    Wide angle
    Depth of Fields
    Fast and slow motion shots
    Fish eye lens
    Different perspectives

  6. Through a series of shots taken at different angles and at different times, etc, the producer managed to capture the certain cultural sounds and location giving a semi detailed overview of Jerusalem. All shots groups together the produces displayed all the major video elements transmitting a clear message about Jerusalem. Through certain shots the audience are also able to capture the feel of Jerusalem’s weather, people’s life style and religious cult.

  7. Well done, this video seems very interesting, you managed to show the culture of Jerusalem with the use of various medium, reverse and close up shots, which ended up with a nice mixture of different shots. Moreover the audio sound enriched this movie by illustrating Jerusalem traditional sounds.

  8. The video was very well integrated with the music. It made good use of the rule of thirds. The pans were quite steady and slow moving and gives enough time to observe what is being recorded. Good use of close-up shots to show the people playing their instruments. Wide angle shots were put to good use to display Jerusalem’s scene. The video was very well balanced with shots sometimes becoming confusing to show the hectic lifestyle and more relaxed when the music calms down by showing shots of the countryside.

  9. Group E

    A good compilation of cinematography and use of camera angles. A wide variation of transitional effects including fading and sudden cuts. The shooting techniques varied from wide to distance shots. Some of the longer scenes made use of close ups and the use of a wide angle lens.

  10. Group 2B
    This movie format makes good use of lenses such as ‘fish-eye’ to really bring out the subject in focus. The split-screen effect allows for the viewer to experience multiple shots in multiple places (in this case musical instruments) at the same instant and so enhance the audio mixing effect. The fast moving shots make the movie more life-like, symbolizing the fast pace of life.

  11. The video makes use of different shots such as long shots, short shots and motion shots. It also makes use of the rule of thirds, which is visible in many of the scenery shots. It was also noticed that the director makes use of varying lengths of shots making it a dynamic and lively video. The way the music is integrated into the video is also very interesting, it certainly keeps you interested in how he managed to integrate each shot and create the video. There is also evidence of use of different transitions such as cutting and fading. A well made video!

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