Google+: is it a yes, no or too soon to say?

Well this morning, saw a lot of tweeting around the Google+, then read a bit about it and finally decided to get myself invited to it, and see what they “buzz” was all about.

In actual fact, as a first impression it is not too far off from the dreaded Facebook. Having said that, I am not an advocate of Facebook, although I am an advocate of the power of social media, and I, of course, admit that Facebook is really THE social network. It has indeed taken the world by storm and not just the tiny rock on which I happen to live.

What I don’t appreciate of Facebook is the triviality of the matters which arise, the language at times rather rude, or arrogant of the people commenting, the mediocre language of the masses if you wish. And that in reality, can happen with any SN and this includes Google+ if this picks up. The solution is of course, to delete my Facebook account so that I am no longer participative of the discussion of the 300 or so “friends” some of whom I hardly know, and hardly care about knowing what they are actually doing in their daily lives. But something, and don’t tell me what it is, keeps me back. Would I lose out on a chunk of information if I opt out (no matter how much I criticise it?) – so well I’m still in… still there. IF and if Google+ manages to pick up, it will be pretty much like it I suppose, but I keep thinking that maybe Google+ will not pick up with everyone, but only those who actually dare to switch one SN interface with another, and therefore I won’t be missing out, but maybe I might be with those few who are much less into triviality and more into things which matter in life.

So for the +, I think it’s a ***** star rating for the integration with all the Google apps of course – same profile accesses all the features and functions.

It’s a **** star rating for the circles… I mean it’s replicating the FB groups but the interface is much cleaner, nicer to work with too.

On the negative side, there is one FAIL for the lack of integration with the twitter app. The fact that you cannot tweet from it, or follow tweets, is something which definitely needs improvement and which I sincerely hope Google will do something about.

The next low star ** rating is for the notifications which are turned on by default – this really irritates me in SN networks… why on earth is that these features which bug you, and in FB’s face are also even privacy-related on by default? I think that most people have no idea that they need to turn these off in order to lessen influx of mail, or in FB’s case to retain some degree of privacy over your own face.

Another negative point is in the discussion thread, which seems to be rather inexistent and which therefore makes it more like FB and less like a discussion board – maybe give it that less trivial tone, and more of a serious kind of SN. But I wonder, would that work out for Google, and in the end – do we really want another product which is only triggered by mass trivialities?


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