Games, learning and Society…

Ok – I haven’t posted something in ages… more than 3 months as it is. Now this is very bad and there is no justification even though I have been extremely busy. Now this means I have a lot of catching up to do, and reporting on what I have been up to so far.

New projects have been happening and I am always on the lookout for exciting conferences to attend. One such conference which I stumbled across recently is the GLS conference targeting the combination of video games and learning as is happening in the society we live in. The conference which boasts a serious lineup of names associated with games and game design, including James Paul Gee, Kurt Squire, Eric Zimmerman, etc.

In this interview, James Paul Gee and Dan Norton, briefly speak about their visions for Game based learning and what the future can hold for the development of games for education. In reality, one thing which really struck me was when the interviewer asked Dan Norton what his greatest fear about the future of this field was, and he answered with: My greatest fear is that in 10 years time we’d still be talking about the things we’re talking about today – this is actually a great insight and it is applicable to everything we do in research and also practice. It is applicable to Education, and we really have to stop talking and start acting…taking measurable risks worth taking for the future we all want to see.


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