Things I have learnt so far…this week

Ok… so I wanted to create a category of posts with some of the things I have learnt, but I guess the posts would have no head nor tail here. So maybe it would be a good thing to categorise them by week. Every week or end of week, I shall try and summarise what I have learnt, whatever it is, whether it has to do with my studies or not, with my students or with the persons I interact with everyday.

So far I can say that today I have heard something, which even though I remember someone saying some time before, it feels good to repeat it over and over again.

To be a good teacher, I need to be a good learner. It’s a great insight which I think every teacher, educator or lecturer should follow. We are not the fountain of all knowledge. We can never be and more so today. No teacher should behave as if he or she is the centre of all the universe.




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