The Gamification of Education

Just came across this very concise and interesting infographic about the state of our Education and how Games for Education have progressed. It is also interesting to note that “educational games” with a boring connotation were the products of 1980’s. It would be quite pointless to attempt to recreate similar kind of games for today’s society – and our “digital natives”.

It is also interesting to note that in Games for Education (including serious games) we are now moving from a society based on consumerism, towards a productive community – one where its gamers want to contribute to the production of content for games rather than simply playing the game. One just needs to look at the popularity of games like Minecraft or Little Big Planet, to be able to understand that people, or rather learners, want to be able to show off their creativity and initiative in playing games.

Gamification of Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


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