Spending time online…

In the spirit of infographics which I find extremely fascinating from the point of view of design in terms of the amount of information which they manage to get across in a limited space, I have come across this one which shows how people are spending their time online… which I believe is quite considerable.

How People Spend Their Time Online
Infographic by- GO-Gulf.com Dubai Web Design Company

It is interesting to note some of this usage and maybe compare it with Malta’s own Internet and Computer usage results from 2010 and published by the NSO recently. In Malta’s own small population where more than 73% of the households in Malta, have access to a computer and Internet from home, 88% report using the Internet to send mails whereas 49% report using the Internet to post messages to social network sites.

The latest figures showing Facebook usage statistics from Malta, the most popular Social Networking service in Malta, have placed the number of online registered users at 48% penetration into the population, which does in some way tally with the results from the NSO surveys.

According to the infographic above, Social Networking activity surpasses sending e-mails as an activity.

Maybe, just maybe, I do start to think that after all for our bragging about the digital empowerment of our society, we are still lagging somewhat behind. And this very sadly, does reflect upon our visions of moving towards a knowledge society. For what is a knowledge society? Does it simply imply a society whose presence is persistent in the online environment? Not really… at least I do not think that that is the only factor. More likely it is the skills which such an environment warrants that a truly knowledge society will be composed of. These skills are quite varied, but they have one thing in common… a critical approach to the information which one is exposed to. That shows quite a higher order cognitive abilities… one which often and at times opposes the natural order of things that society seems to accept in a matter-of-fact kind of way. This is a far cry from the way we are presenting our “schooling” dynamics…

I was speaking to Alex Grech today, and he reminded me of the Gramscian way of looking at hegemony in Society. I very much wonder if and when, would our society start moving towards a knowledge society… one which challenges the status quo of all that is around us… and I feel that the key to this conundrum lies in our online identities as we develop our digital futures and I fear that our Education system (as it stands presently) is not helping much to achieve this vision.


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