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I stumbled across Paolo Coelho some time ago, and the first book I ever read from him was ‘The Alchemist‘ – of course 🙂 I fell in love with the book, with the writings. I remember still thinking about it, long after I had finished reading it … maybe even today.

I read it when I want to reflect a bit… this blog and in particular this post: My Master and I – Boredom by Paolo Coelho, is quite adept at describing the society we live in…it describes the essence of boredom which seems to reside in people as if it is some kind of alter ego, a kind of Jekyll and Hide…a constant tug between the part of the person who wants to change the routine and the other part who revels in the safety of not changing the routine.

It seems that people are creatures of habit – we are safe in what we know or what we think we know. “What is reality?” – It is that what we imagine it to be.

It reminds me of a parable I once heard and which I still think about. It is Plato’s Parable of the Cave and in essence it is a simple allegory which covers many complex issues. The parable discusses how a group of people are held inside a cave…facing a wall. On this wall the people watch the world through shadows projected as a fire burns behind them. One of the community manages to free himself, and he goes outside the cave and realises that indeed there is a true world out there. He goes back inside to free everyone else, and to tell them that what they know so far, is only just a reflection…their reality is what they are imagining it through the shadows. However he is met with contempt… the people do not want to be free; they do not want to see the truth, they want to keep living as they are, tied up inside a cave because it’s what they know, the safety of ‘non-change‘.

Just like in Paolo Coelho’s latest post, people imagine reality as they want it to be and they’re happy to let it be. Woe betide us – to all those people who want to wage war against boredom and who want to make a change!


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