… the state of Education (that which cannot be seen)

I always follow Doug Belshaw’s blog posts with enthusiasm and I have to say that most of the interest in social media research in Education was sparked off through his blog posts and network contacts.

His new post “Education: it’s what you can’t see that counts” can very much be said to apply to the local situation in Malta. There seems to be a lot of things which we can see and possibly numbers that we can quote… for example the students who follow post-secondary Education… or the MATSEC passes … or the people who gain entry into Higher Education… however – really and in all honesty… what does it all mean? what do all these numbers mean?

In reality, qualitatively – what is the situation in schools? what are the teachers making of it? Why is it that when I visit a school which belongs to the old system before this much debated and discussed “reform” I meet teachers who are inherently happy, motivated and help each other to work on being more productive with their students whilst when I visit  schools belonging to the new reform system I am encountering increased discouragement, almost a sense of disengagement from schools? These things are not “seen” – they aren’t tangible but they very much make up the essence of the Educational system. Maybe when we speak about successes and failures we should in reality look at these before talking numbers.


One thought on “… the state of Education (that which cannot be seen)

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