#Epic Fail: The will of the majority in Education

I have found this blog post published via Education Week quite insightful – so insightful in fact that it helped me connect a few dots which I had self-imposed on the state of Education in Malta. First of all I will take the point of departure of the much discussed NCF (refer to this previous post). What was the need for re-proposing an entire curricular framework? I think the answer is that at a higher level, governing bodies feel the need of a more Educated workforce – a higher academic performance equates as an economic indicator according to the OECD (Organisation for the Economic Co-operation and Development).

Therefore the first point is that economy seems to be driving our Education.

The second issue which I have heard over and over again is the concept of inclusion. This is not just meant as an integration within a structure, but it is meant as an embrace of diversity in its various forms. Embracing diversity should not underestimated. I believe that we, as humans, are ready to give a speedy answer to diversity and say “I am in favor of inclusion of diversity”. What I see around me, most often does not tally with this statement.

The reality which I see around me has a Gramscian flavor – Maltese revel it seems in the Status Quo. I do not want to – I have no right to generalize but I see an incongruence between that what people ‘say’ they want – in relation to Education – and that what people are ‘ready’ to do. I ask – the majority want good Education – Education which has value, not the certificates – to me they are just pieces of useless paper – however is the majority ready to make the step towards valued Education? Do the majority have enough will power to drive the changes that are necessary – because valued Education needs so much more than just a new building, or a new interactive whiteboard or new teachers… valued Education needs a change in mindsets, and this in itself is a huge commitment which starts from government and cascades towards the rest of the society; teachers, parents, administrators, students, employers, and the list goes on. The will of the majority rules: but I wonder – what exactly is the will of the majority in Education?


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