A 3D GameLab experience … proud to earn badges!

Last Summer I stumbled across 3D GameLab and I got hooked. Not so much about its gamification aspect as much as for the opportunities for learning that it offers. I did participate in some teacher camps, and more importantly I got awarded the 3D GameLab Teacher badge – which I am very proudly sporting over here! 3D GameLab offers the possibility for people to actually build up their portfolio using badges (and then showing them off in a Mozilla Open Badges backpack) which they would have collected by completing quests inside 3D GameLab. This concept of questing is not new at all, but 3D GameLab have effectively combined, various game mechanics (such as feedback, leader boards, scores and rewards, achievements, etc.) with the notion of learning what you need to learn when you need to learn it – a bit like just-in-time learning with incentives. I believe this type of approach really holds the key to unlock the future of lifelong and informal learning especially in the adult community – though linking this with the curriculum and letting the young learners experiment with their own learning is not a bad idea at all!

Teacher Badge from 3D GameLab


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