Are Tablets the Way Out of Child Illiteracy?

Give them technology that they may have never seen before, and students’ brains will work wonders


This article really made me think about the way many of the tools and applications are introduced in the classroom. In our classrooms, teachers expect that they would be introducing these step by step to the children, telling them exactly how to use them. But I think we forget the importance of experimentation and how this holds an element of fun, whilst more importantly leading to a deeper form of learning. In Malta tablets are going to be introduced to 8-year olds. My 2cents about the matter is that it’s not the tablet per se, but it’s how this is going to introduced in the class, that would have an effect on the children’s learning. We, as teachers, really have to learn to, at some point let go and let our children learn! 

See on Scoop.ittech to learn


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