Google Code-In

Ooooo this is so exciting! Every year, Google opens an open source development competition for students of between 13-17 years. This is Google Code-In.Google chooses a number of open source organisations and these issue a number of tasks. The way this competition works is that once students enrol, they can choose the tasks they want to do from those available and once they complete one task they go to complete another, and another, etc. There is a limited time frame of about 5-6 weeks finish their chosen tasks. If the students manage to carry their tasks they can win some cool prizes, with a grand prize of a trip to Google’s Mountain View Headquarters. Currently the Google Code-In competition is on-going but you can either keep a look-out for next fall or else hurry up and enrol now – you still have a few days to participate!

Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 09.39.50


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