Who am I? Well I guess this is a question that some of us might ask. This blog will reflect the me who is interested about what goes on around us as people living in the 21st century. I am attempting to study something which has been termed as a “second skin” to us and that is technology and I will categorising three types of ‘skins’ as they stand today: social networking, games and virtual reality.

I am thus interested in the psychology, the philosophy and the sociological aspects which underpin these skins, in a way which affects the way we learn as we live.

My main questions is what drives people to adopt and adapt to these “skins” as we plough through life? What drives people to see these skins as their way to having fun, thereby establishing happiness in a positive experience? I firmly believe that life is education itself, however when it comes to schooling and classrooms, education takes on a different meaning. It seems we discard our skins, as teachers and educators, and as learners and we take the ‘fun’ word out of learning. Learning becomes painful then and the phenomenon is that even if we attempt to make learners wear a “second” skin they still find that they do not want to do it.

So every post will try to be a quest at understanding what drives this learning and what will ultimately make the learning environment better whatever form it takes.


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