Now that you started TP … #MSL4206

Most of the students following MSL4206 have now started their 6-week teaching stint in schools. It would be nice if we could somehow share experiences or comments about the experience. It would indeed contribute to a growth in experience and in learning about teaching. In the meantime, I would like to refer to some past posts which were quite popular with other students and which they also found useful for their teaching.

The first one is a post where you can find links in how to turn words into some more fun visuals. I am referring to the use of infographics and word clouds for teaching. This post tells you more about it.

Other students, especially from Science and Maths seemed to find the idea of using brainstorming, and concept mapping tools like Spicynodes extremely interesting. I would suggest that even language or humanities students give it a good look. Brainstorming in the class may be an extremely productive and interesting activity.

Another post which had a good follow up with comments from students, who were following the same program of studies, is the one which gives a link to a directory of learning resources. This is a website which gives a list of all the most popular online tools and resources that are used by other educators in the classroom. It could be that this might spark some ideas about additional tools that you may wish to use in your classroom, especially if you have the use of an Interactive Whiteboard and computer.

Finally, I would also like to suggest that you visit Diigo – an online social bookmarking tools. Throughout the years I have collected a whole list of Tools and Resources which I believe teachers and educators can use during their teaching. Sharing is important. Use your blogs and Twitter to share important information/tools/resources that you might come across and which you think can be of help to other teachers.